The Birthday Collection Launch!

The Birthday Collection has launched today!

To celebrate my 25th birthday, Millennial Burnout is kicking off the month of July with a collection of birthday cards and stationery. This collection is inspired by not only my impending quarter-life crisis but moments from my twenties that I believe sum up the modern-day millennial/zillennial experience.

This collection contains 8 cards:

Happy Quarter Life Crisis

This is arguably my favourite design in the collection and is inspired by the cake I am having made for my 25th birthday. Keep an eye out on the Millennial Burnout Instagram for some excellent cake posts later in the month...

Congratulations on Staying Alive

So I found out today that Tamagotchi was first released in 1996, coincidence, I think not! I had to include this iconic early 2000's throwback in the collection as a reminder that you should have as much concern for keeping yourself alive as your Tamagotchi.

Cleaning Away My Anxiety

Over the last year, cleaning has been a great way for me to manage my anxiety, especially during the lockdowns. Being able to take control over something when everything else is in chaos has definitely helped keep the intrusive thoughts at bay. So, this design is an ode to the first half of my twenties when cleaning has taken over my life.

Hip Hip Hoeray

An ode to The Hoe Life™!

Another Call

Can we cancel unnecessary Zoom/Teams/Phone calls for the rest of 2021? Please just send an email and I'll be honest, it will not find me well.

No Money Mo Problems

I'll be honest, I need that £20 note more now than I did when I was 10 so can we please start to normalise money in cards for adults? (Shout out to my Grandma who always pulls through with the bills, you a real one)

Eau de Birthday

What's that I smell? Scents of impending doom and Sandlewood, of course, it is. A card brought to you by my mid-twenties crisis to say I love candles and I can't sleep at night because we're all going to die.

Welcome to Your Quarter Life Crisis

Ok, yes, this is a recycled design but it looks so much better in pink! I will be damned if I'm going to spend the rest of my twenties not loving pink because of internalised misogyny. It's 2021 and I am taking down the patriarchy with one pink design at a time.

Naturally, this collection almost didn’t make it as a result of another burnout, getting shingles and taking on way more work than I should. BUT, here we are!

I hope you enjoy this small collection of cards and stationary!