I think the best way to sum up what Millennial Burnout is all about is the fact it took weeks to write this. I made a note to write an introduction to this site and then just stressed about it for nearly a month before getting the motivation one night and hammering it out in like half an hour. I agonised over how exactly I would describe this site before realising this messed up process was it, the fact that the burnout is so real that doing a small errand just seemed like an impossible task.


That is what this all is, a monument to being born in a generation where being stressed up to the eyeballs isn’t even noticeable anymore, it’s just background noise to the ongoing crisis that is millennial life.


I’ve got a ton of student debt, obscenely high rent, general anxiety about how the world keeps lurching from crisis to crisis and absolutely none of what I’m feeling is unique to me. Amid all this existential dread I have made art which you can buy with money. And you should. Its good stuff.