Handwritten Message Cards

At Millennial Burnout, we understand that an integral part of being perpetually burnt out is not having the time or energy to carry out minor tasks.

You may order a card (thank you) with the best intentions but after waiting for it to arrive you’ll realise you have to get a stamp. Cue the panic attack when asking for a stamp at the shop to be bluntly told you can only buy packs of 12, at which point you’ve committed, you need the stamp and your anxiety won't let you back down so now you have 12 stamps and your bank balance is looking at you saying ‘you did this for what?’.

You then have to find the energy to post the card which you won’t end up doing because where is the nearest post box?? Idk either and you know if you spot one you’ll just keep forgetting to do it. Eventually, you’ll realise it's too late even with a first-class stamp and accept that 'at least I have a card for next year’ but lets be honest, you’ll forget about the card and repeat the process every year until you die.

To avoid this struggle why not use our free handwritten card service?

How does it work?

Step 1: Once you reach the checkout you will be given the option to 'Add a note' where you can write your personalised message.

Step 2: Then when filling out the Shipping Details make sure to write in the name and address of the recipient rather than your own details.

Step 3: You're done! We will handwrite your message into your chosen card and then post it out that day if the order is placed before 3 pm or the next working day if ordered after this time. You can choose between Standard delivery (3-5 days) or Next working day delivery (When ordered before 3 pm).