Millennial Burnout: Now available on Thortful!

The title says it all, Millennial Burnout cards are now available for purchase on Thortful! There are currently five designs available to purchase but I’m hoping to upload more soon.

Despite making my own cards I regularly find myself on Thortful supporting other small creators. There are so many incredible designs for different occasions and the card quality is amazing! I recently ordered one of my own cards and I was blown away with the quality (350gsm matt paper- we love to see it).

The site lets you choose a card, customise it with a personal message and even pick cute gifts to be sent with the card. The selection of gifts has greatly expanded recently with my personal favourite being the collection of NOA candles! NOA is a Manchester-based candle business that I’ve purchased candles from before and would highly recommend! There is also a great selection of chocolates, flowers, socks, alcohol, plants and so much more.

Your Thortful card can be either sent to your address with a spare envelope for you to give to the recipient in person or you can schedule it to be sent directly to them.

Would highly recommend using Thortful if you're short on time and need to sort a birthday card/gift!

You can find the Millennial Burnout designs exclusive to Thortful using the link below:

As ever, thank you for supporting my tiny business!